As a servant of the Divine Plan, I offer my services to all Souls seeking for guidance. IAM a Natural Born intuitive psychic and I work as an intuitive coaching helping on releasing Emotional blockage...

My personal path has made me aware of my shadows side or ego if you like, so IAM quite aware of its power and will help you recognize the voice of your Higher Self rather than his. IAM Not a Guru and do not Have any powers to transform your life, IAM Another You and I will walk along side with you if you ask me too, until you realize that You are a Master too.

Je ne suis pas un guru, et n’ai pas les moyens de transformer votre vie, je suis un autre Vous, et je peux être à vos côtés si telle est votre demande, jusqu’à ce que vous preniez pleinement conscience que vous aussi, vous êtes un Maître.

Nous sommes celui que nous avons toujours rêvé d’être.
Nous sommes ici pour nous rassembler et partager notre Lumière unique.
Nous sommes Amour.
Dans l’Unité,


The session can sometime last a little longer plus it does moves things deeply so you can be tired or very hype after our session together depending on what needed to be clarified so again make sure you got some "Me time" available.s.

Most Blessing to All,

My name is Ju’light, as far as I can remember I have all’ways known I was here to Help Others remembering their true DivineSelf. So I have been working on myself for more than 20 years and learned Many Trades before Knowing that I was fully ready to properly guide Others in this time of Great Awakening, for it takes One to Know One. I have chosen a path that many would called "Hard knock" but in'deed, it gave me much strength and confirmed the reason why Ones' Heart should all'ways Stay Open. As I see The Divine In me I see It In Others. We are all Co’creators. I AM an intuitive and an empathic Guide, very aware of all the Facets of our Multidimensional self. I use my intuitive skills to Type in Time and Space and see All the potentialities One is able to Co’create. My Job Is to Help you get in touch with your inner power/Higher Self, to positively change your life for the good of All with Your Free will and Faith. I do not feed Victim consciousness as I AM aware of its destructive powers. 

So I work with people dedicated to their own personal work in all spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, everything is connected …. I know many tools and I use the power of the mental Thoughts as the greater One. You will very quickly fully overstand that it is You that is in control of your life, at any given moment…. My purpose is to help One Take back His/Her life in One’s Hand and Heart, fully; So One can live Happily, Joy’fully and Creatively and see it Ripple endlessly …. We have so many things to Do To make this world a better place, and it starts within Each other.

More about who I AM and What YOU can GET from A session with Me :

- I am a Natural Born Intuitive Psychic, I have been practicing my gift for as long as I can remember ... My specialty is to be able to clearly read your past, present and future... I see your Emotional blockages and your multidimensional facets, this entitles me to see the different possibilities open in front of you, that are in alignment with your current vibrations. My goal is to help and guide you, to get the best outcome possible, by making you realize that You have the power to master your life. I do not tell you want to hear, rather what you need to do in order to manifest the best life for Your Self and your loved ones. I will talk about your human experience here, we will focus on how to Live your life On earth the best way possible, yes of course I will see your gift and will tell you how to use them, yet this reading focus mostly of your earthly Manifestation, if you want some information about your soul purpose and where you are coming from on a Galactic level you are looking for an Akashic record Guided Session You will find some information about those bellow. For my intuitive guidance I use the Belline as a tool to confirm the messages I get for you and other tools I have learned in the 25 years I have been practicing this service. 

I am as well a Soul, Emotion realignment Practitioner trained to access my higher Self via my intuitive Psychic skills and so I can read your Soul's Akashic Record, and clear negative blocks as necessary. I connect with the Divine in You, your Higher Self and guides and will help you get in touch with your true essence to be able to start living in harmony with your soul purpose and Destiny. My goal is to reconnect you with your inner power and lead you to the road of freedom. I will suggest books, movies, affirmations that are in tune with You and will help you to step out from any situation where you feel trapped or in need of clearing. Once these blocks and restrictions have been identified, we have a chance to Soul, Emotion realignment Practitioner make new, more empowering choices, helping us to leave the negative patterns behind. That is when I will give you some keys to get your power back ...

What are the Akashic Records ?

Your Akashic Record is the energetic record of your Soul, sometimes called the Book of Life. This Record contains everything your Soul has chosen, thought, felt and experienced in its many and various incarnations. I tap into it via my own guides and higher self, I see through your veils and illusions and I will show how to put your ego aside in order to really start leaving your dream Awake life ! Once You gave me your Permission, I tap in into your own Akhashic information and will see what is blocking you on a conscious or unconscious level.

What to Expect from a Guidance :

Once I have your information and your permission, I will connect with your higher self and will communicate to your soul with clear words. I will tell you what you need to do in order to get in touch with your own unique powers and skills and will help you to reconnect with your soul purpose … (If you have some questions about your loved ones please do ask them permission before asking me anything about them, as it is important to respect the Law of Free will, for your children I will look it up after checking that it is ok, but it usually is.) 

During an intuitive guidance, I deliver your reading session by Skype or phone (skype is better for we can see and feel each other) You will have a MP3 of the session sent to you the same day of the reading As for the Akashic reading I will prior to us re'connecting on skype ask for your Personal information and will work on your soul reading that I will communicate via mail your 21 DAYS TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY and explain your personal report via skype. There is a little 'homework' for you too, in order to reinforce any clearing with your own powerful intent. You can, of course, contact me for more information during the process. what is the 21 days of transmutation or energy? : After gathering your personal Soul information Via the Akashic record I will give you a 21 days of transmutation of energy to read for 21 days in a roll to "correct and Clear" all discordant energies for your highest good. This is a very power'full work and can not be done lightly.

74/5000 What is the 21 day energy transmutation program?

After gathering the Akashic and personal data of your soul, I will give you a program of transmutation of energy to read for 21 days, in order to correct and clean up any discordant energy for your greater good. This is a powerful and serious job, which should not be taken lightly.



Intuitive guidance of your past and your future in the sentimental field, that of health and the professional. It's a great way to get clear answers about your personal life, your goals and your dreams. I help you put your life back on track that's right for you, and see where your choices make the difference. If so, I will recommend books, simple exercises, tools, or a 21-day program to transmute your energy.


Iam an Akashic record Holder that allows me to type into the Akashic record to find if there are anythings that need clearing, I will find all anger spears, negative thoughts patterns, pacts, vows or anything that blocks you from manifesting your blue print effectively. A 21 days of transmutation of energy will be then giving to you. to proclaim out loud daily for 21 days, As it takes this cycle of days to reprogrammed the memory cells and your energy bodies.