Here are a few Questions and their answers about the 21 days transmutation of energies I offer in my services: 


What is a soul Contract?

A: Contracts are agreements we make at Soul-level with people that we incarnate with. They CAN serve as an attaching mechanism and are mainly a past-life issue.

• Souls have generally outgrown contracts and they are only rarely still created today. Contracts served Souls in ensuring that they would complete their karmic work with one another.

Types of contracts include:

• Contract of Protection: One Soul steps in to protect another. This is often an agreement made between mother and child, or between family members. These contracts can be mutual or one-sided.

Contract of Healing: One Soul decides it is responsible for healing another. These contracts can be mutual or one-sided.

Soulmate Contract: This is NOT romantic. In fact, it is quite toxic. Souls come back together lifetime after lifetime, whether this still serves them or not. Often, this kind of relationship ends up feeling stale and pointless.

If a Soulmate Contract shows up, it is creating separation from our Divinity!

• At times, Souls hold a one-sided Soulmate contract in their Record, which makes them feel quite bitter and disillusioned about love and relationships. They will forever search for “the One” without ever finding what they are looking for.

 What is a Pact?

A: Pacts are two-sided agreements between two people engaging in an exchange for personal gain. Usually, the person must give up something in order to gain what they desire. This is what makes this kind of agreement negative.

• This may look like marrying for money and status – One gives up authentic love for financial abundance.

• Pacts can be present- or past-life and serve as an attaching mechanism for past-life entities.

What is a Vow?

A: Vows are heartfelt promises made either to God, or to someone who we perceive to be a representative of God. Vows always create separation from inner spiritual authority and place the concept of God “out there” vs. acknowledging that we ARE God.

• Vows are promises made with a lot of emotional sincerity, and include some kind of ritual. In other words, there is an event or action that accompanies the vow.

• Situations in which vows are created include those of initiation into religious orders or organizations, and marriage vows.

• Common vows are Vows of Obedience, Chastity, Poverty, Suffering, Sacrifice, and Silence.

Vows of Obedience: Make us both very obedient in any situation in which perceive outside authority AND make us rebellious at the same time.

Vows of Chastity: Can result in childlessness or sexual dysfunction.

Vows of Poverty: Difficulty accumulating wealth. No matter how much money your client makes, they only ever have just enough.

Vow of Suffering: Everything is difficult. Frequently is accompanied by chronic health issues.

Vow of Silence: Trouble with self-expression, communication, a tendency to keep secrets.

• When a vow is made to a person we think is a representative of God, we give them spiritual authority over us. At times, this perception of spiritual authority has been abused in order to gain control.

• Vows to a negative Being perceived as God could be made during an initiation to a guru, a marriage, or religious rites with an authority figure presiding.

• Vows are mostly past-life but can be present-life. When made to a person, they serve as an attachment mechanism for past-life entities.

What is an negative unjustified Karma?

A: We create karma all the time! Karma is simply the consequences of our choices. It is a perfect system through which we learn how to create what we want (ideally, anyways.)

• We cannot “clear” justified karma – karma that is simply the consequence of our choices.However, at times Souls hold “unjustified” karma in their Records. This is karma that continues to create consequences long past the duration of the choice.

• Generally, the client perceives to have made a horrible, horrible mistake that they never, ever, ever, ever want to make again. There is often the perception that they hurt someone physically or emotionally. At times, they in fact DID cause harm. The Soul holds the karma open and incomplete in their Records as a reminder of that past choice.

• Negative unjustified karma is the Soul insisting it has a “lesson” to learn – and even though it has passed the final exam, it still keeps going to class!

• The same circumstances will keep showing up for the client – they will feel like they have a broken record in their lives that they cannot comprehend.

• Negative unjustified karma is usually a past-life circumstance. When we create this karma with another Soul, it can serve as an attachment mechanism.

What is a Negative etheric Implant?

A: Negative etheric implants are non-physical mechanisms that reside either in our mental or emotional energy body.

• Originally a positive spiritual technology, Souls over time adapted this technology to make negative choices possible in a sustained way. They have become a coping mechanism of sorts that help us justify making choices against our own Divine nature.

• Etheric implants run “programs” in our mental OR emotional body. These programs essentially serve as a way to justify or cope with a sustained choice against our own Divine nature.

• As with attaching entities, programs will run in the mental or emotional body and will affect a specific chakra.

• It is rare to find multiple negative etheric implants for any one. They cause a great deal of separation from Divine Source for us and thus are a drain on our vital force energy.

• Negative etheric implants are always cleared.

From time to time, foreign objects that are placed in our bodies simply don’t resonate to us vibrationally. They will be energetically (and in some cases physically) irritating to us.

• Physical implants can include anything from fillings to breast implants to blood transfusions to transplanted organs.

What are the Soul facets?

A: Your Soul is made up of 617 individual energetic facets. Essentially, there are 617 different “pieces” of vibrational substance that make up your Soul.

• Soul facets are lost through extreme trauma. High levels of emotion, such as desperation, fear, anger, or victimisation are usually the cause of Soul facet loss.

• When we are missing Soul facets, we are literally missing a piece of our Soul. Obviously, this limits our ability to receive vital force energy from Divine Source.

What is a Curse or a Spell?

A: In the context of this work, we are referring to spells that are negative. In other words, they create separation from Divine Source. The intention is to interfere with the free will of another.

• It can be done by ourselves or by someone else

• Spells behave much like curses, but are placed with intention and involve the use of ritual, incantation, etc. They are never placed accidentally.

• Occasionally, I’ll find spells in someone’ Records because they were “playing around” with love spells and so forth, thinking this harmless. But even when well intentioned, any process designed to “make” someone else do or feel anything constitutes an interference with free will and is negative.

• As with curses, the energy of the spell must be received through the disempowered belief that someone else can “make us” do something. In other words, they can only be placed on someone who is willing to abdicate responsibility for their choices in the situation.

• For example, a love spell can only be placed on someone who wants someone /something to “make them” fall in love.

• Spells can be past- and present-life. Spells can serve as an attachment mechanism for past-life entities. As with curses, a spell connects two Souls, sometimes for many lifetimes.

• Spells can be cast by an individual or a group, and can be placed on an individual or a group.

What is my Golden Web?

A: Your Golden Web is an “energetic membrane” of sorts that surrounds your energy bodies and keeps you in

wholeness and integrity as an energetic Being.

Our negative choices can damage our Golden Web and create energy loss. This damage looks like “tears” in the Golden Web – we literally have an energy leak and loss of energetic integrity that we created through negative choices.

Our Golden Web is recreated with each incarnation based on the Soul’s vibrational state and will contain past-life tears and scars as well as present-life tears and scars. Tears in the Golden Web correspond to a specific chakra. they can only be ONE tear at each chakra.

Occasionally, a soul will have a scar in their Golden Web – this means that there was a tear there at one time, but the soul has done self-healing work and has resolved some of the issue on their own.

When a tear is present at a specific chakra, one can may experience the following:

1st chakra: Ungroundedness, sense of misplacement, lack of belonging, trouble with integrating into family or society.

2nd chakra: Trouble manifesting at the physical level, sexual dysfunction, low sexual energy, financial issues.

3rd chakra: Unable to move towards their personal goals, feeling stuck, unmotivated, everything seems like too much effort

4th chakra: Difficulties with self-love and, by extension, loving relationships with others. May be emotionally shut down, lacking passion, feel disillusioned and jaded.

5th chakra: Communication issues, either speaking too much without saying anything, not getting point across, or not expressing at all. Trouble listening to others.

6th chakra: Difficulty accessing their own Truth, not knowing what they want, confusion, lacking mental clarity, difficulty concentrating or focusing.

7th chakra: Disempowerment, trouble standing up for what they want, giving in, not making decisions, not setting


What is an  entities attachement?

A: There are lots of Souls and energetic Beings, both positive and negative, currently NOT inhabiting a physical body.

• Through negative choice, we can allow entities to attach to us. Attachment means that these entities draw on our personal vital force energy in order to maintain their existence.

• These entities are “negative” in that they attached to us through a negative choice we made, and are now sustaining the energy of that negative choice.

• Any level of entity attachment is at all times inappropriate. All Beings are equally able to access Divine Source for vital force energy. We always clear attaching entities.

• Entities can attach to us from a past life. We enter into a negative Soul-level agreement with another incarnated Soul. This agreement, when left unresolved in that lifetime, will continue past that incarnation and cause the Soul that transitioned first to attach to the Soul that is still incarnated.

What is an anger Spear?

A: Anger spears are a kind of negative thought form directed at us. They are very intense concentrations of anger, hurled at us by someone who perceives that we hurt them in some way.

• Someone with a anger spears will feel threatened or “under the gun” for no obvious reason.

 What is a binding?

A: We create binding situations when we surrender our free will to another person. In other words, we choose to let our free will be “bound” by someone else’s free will.

• In a binding situation, another person will create the perception that we are not at choice. This can be a controlling parent who thinks they can control the life of their child, an emotionally or physically abusive spouse who tells the partner that they have no other place to go, etc.

• Binding situations are common. They can be past- and present-life and serve as an attachment mechanism for past-life entities.

• Bindings can be placed by individuals or groups.

• Bindings are like energetic straight-jackets. Once we choose to allow them to be placed, it will appear as if certain choices are not available to us. We may be left with a sense of “I can’t” even though this is not rational or reasonable.

• Bindings can be placed on ourself, or by ourself.

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