Got to be real … 

Yes! what we focus on Manifest, Knowing what is happening around Us, ,allows us to know what WE DO NOT WANT therefore we can then FOCUS on what WE WANT … So turning a blind eye to what is really going on because of fear, THAT my friends is what OSTRICH do .. hmmmm But wait WE ARE HUMAN ?? NO!? so We have Courage and FREE WILL and and we are Power’full just with One thought so why don’t we do anything ??
I posted a post yesterday on FB, about the government passing bad Bills while 87% of the citizen of the world were watching so called massacres or marriages new law on tell’a’li’vison …. Most of Us already now that TV is the BIGGEST TOOLS EVER INVENTED TO CONTROL THE mASSES … and it got like 11 likes Only, whaaaat ????? Ok my be’loved do not fall into the trap of the new rely’on’a’ginn that is appearing worldwide … Human all’ways find a way to use Saint quotes to transform their saying to once again, CONTROL Others … It has been happening for more than 2000 years  and yes I do think like most of Us ( i hope ) that

it is enough ….


If you use the Power of Visualization to manifest some selfish deeds you are not helping …. More money, more love, more of this and that, is STILL a way to feed your EGO …. first of all you will NOT gain satisfactions about it , and You will NOT help anyone by doing so, cause the more you will have the more you will want ….

Abundance is a state of mind and Nowadays we Understand that money is Not evil, it is how HUMAN use maoney that is corrupted … Most of us are living in a FEAR ZONE, bombarded by lies and words like “Terrorism” which terrorize us, it is like watering a plant with polluted water. What do you expect will happen? so Off course you are going to feel worst, and afraid, paralyzed, petrified, anxious, fear’full, You are going to look at everyone else like an enemy … You are not going to feel the world is nice and you are going to SNAP …

You know the Government of our world are very aware of what is happening, I mean the change of vibration, the elevation of Humanity consciousness, the ascension that is taking place. You sure know that Kings and Queens of all time, and today’s presidents, ALL work with Oracles and psychic; Behind the seen there are always others that Work with Future presidents or world leaders. People that KNOW the secret knowledge and prophecies, and one of the reason why they keep that from you, is because they do not have your interest in heart …. They do not want YOU to ascend, they DO not want to loose the power they have taken far too long ago. THEY WANT YOU TO OBEY THEIR RULES …

So they use things like, Subliminal messages and false flags, to stop and scare the living shit of of you, this is a powerful tool, cause you see, when you are AFRAID your FROZEN, you can Not THINK straight anymore, We can do anything for YOUWE BECOME YOUR GODS, YOUR PROTECTORS , YOUR SAVIORS ….

They use Chemtrails and Fluoride in your water, vaccines and Chemical in your food, to not only reduce the populations but to stop the rays of the Sun that helps with the upgrading of your DNA, and to Calcified your PINEAL GLAND who is one of the most important part of your body that receives download of Informations …

SO Why do they do this ? You think it is a coincidence ? like really ?

Iam not sharing all of this to scare you, that would not be wise, iam sharing once again those informations for you to be aware that you are being tricked, once you know YOU CAN CHANGE … I did  !!!

They are many SOULution , many people are aware of all of this and are DOING Things About it …

First of all informed others, let them Know what is going one. WE ARE THE 99% , WE HAVE MORE POWER THAN THE ONE IN CHARGES, even if they have police force and gunman ( police, firefighters, nurse, doctors all of them are waking up too they are some good people out there Re’MEMBER ) do so to Set others free, to unite and change the script, Do so with LOVE with HOPE and KNOWLEDGE … Do not condemn !!!

Second CHANGE your LIFE STYLE . Stop all direct contact with GMO FOOD , Drink SOURCE WATER ( not purified and not the one that belongs to coca cola like there is all over Africa and South America, Please thank You ) Stop buying is Supermarket, go back to Natural living by helping the Farmers around your home , it exist a tones of association that do so and make it easy on you ,,, they deliver to a shop near you … even in Huge Town … it is just that you are not aware of it ….


Start moving back near nature, near water, GROW YOUR FOOD ( protect it under some Dome or something cause teh Chemtrails are affecting our crops like for real ) stay in the SUN as much as you can, sun-gaze ! (especially when the light is YELLOW , yes i know its getting rare)  if you spots CHEMTRAILS, send love, light , compassion, call forth your guide and ask for hlep AT LOUD,,, build a CLOUD BUSTER , Orgonites are a power’full tool to dissipate the negative photon that are being spread above our heads. AVtivate your crystals and Put them in OUR POND, LAKE, RIVERS, SEAS AND OCEAN… BLESS ALL WATERS.

STOP WATCHING TELL’A’LIE’IN’VISON!! Stop reading the Newspapers. stop buying their magazines. Creates Blogs, share your positive thoughts , be the one that wake the Masses up,  because no one you know did it before you. The more we do the stronger we get , Join the crew of Thousand of Souls that are actually doing something about the mess WE HAVE ALLOWED.

Become responsible for your actions and deeds. Work on your self. Heal your inner child, Hanger, rage, sadness, sense of not belonging  YOU ARE NOT YOUR E’MOTIONS… Change the Fractals/patterns in your family, the system has being working on us for many many generations … It is not easy BUT it can be done ….

Once you heal your Within you heal the world, this is TRUE…. The world is responding to US that is why we are breed us to be’lie’ve WE do not have that Power, so THEY can make of the world what THEY Desire, simple as that.

Give it a go !! be’live in YOUR SELF you came here for THIS reason truly!  To be able to LIVE a BE’YOU’TO’FULL LIFE free from Mental slavery and manipulations… How many Lives do yo need ?? tell me!? what do you want for your children? and their children children futur? MAD MAX or Avatar ??

come out of your comfort Zone !


You know awakening as a cool part of it, yet when you DO you CAN NOT GO BACK … Its better than sex, better than anything you have imagined but it means discipline and devotion because you will be tested and you will fail sometime; But as DIVINE BEING you can ALWAYS stand back Up, Falling is Human at the end of the day … Yet if you do not keep on working, if you get stuck in a healing crisis you. Like a pond of water free form it source, will stagnate and nothing good will come out of it … TO REALLY CHANGE OUR WORLD WE NEED CONSISTENCY and LOVE … OVERSTANDING , FORGIVENESS, SUPPORT AND CARE … WE NEED TO HAVE FAITH IN OUR SELF …

You will Get Angry but Anger will kick your ass and give you wings to change things.

You will Get Sad But Sadness will tell you what your heart desire, know in your heart that YOU can be the difference… Galilee, Tesla, Einstein, Marie Curie etc etc All those souls MADE IT ALONE, some got eliminated, but THEIR DISCOVERIES have NEVER BEEN FORGOTTEN  .. LIGHT Can NOT BE STOPPED, LOVE CAN NOT BE STOPPED, TRUTH CAN NOT BE HIDDEN TOO LONG …. One thing that is Cool lately is that You are not alone really on this crazy path , there are man many others souls and indigo, rainbows, crystal children on the planet today , most of them born in the 8o’s they are 20+ now … WE ARE BLESSED ….


Another thing that ascension offers us is our senses are being upgraded, we are more empathic, telepathic, psychic, healers, than ever before in the last 2000 years of our history , its like everyone can be a shaman today ! SO LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION !!! ALL’WAYS !!! Connect to the INVISIBLE, No You are not mad !!! They want you to think you are mad, do NOT obey !! … Help your neighbors, your friends in need, LOVE SET FREE, LOVE HEALS …. Be the change in your community … your deeds will ripple … Show via your action that it is possible

But mostly take your head of that Hole … Look around! Actually the world is not that scary ! it is beauty’full , magic’all and filled with love …. Your neighbors want love too. At first they might be paranoid thinking love do not exist from strangers and will shut the door of their heart on you … Do not take it personally … keep knocking until they open up. Love is the medicine that will heal our neighborhood.

Yes, it is Known that some will not ascend; Some will stay stuck in the realm of illusion, some will loose it, fed by too much hate for too long … Yes it is a part of it … Not everybody is ready and  Know that the gap is getting bigger between the two dimensions, the gate and portals will not stay open for too long because in 5D reality words are the most power’full weapon. So IF you are not ALIGNED with LOVE you WILL NOT ASCEND, it is simple as that, why ? well LOOK AROUND !! look what WE HAVE DONE TO OUR WORLD and everything started from A THOUGHT, no?

And Here you are reading this, so YOU ARE a part Of the CHANGE, You will be gifted with a Life of happiness once you step out of this game; Once you listen, once you step on the other side of fear. Yes, You have to let go of so much in order to do so , but you are letting go of a plastic world for a golden one, what are you waiting for ?


I Know we are here for this reason, to make a difference, to create a better place, I came for this mission, I WILL NOT STOP until I See it HAPPENING All over the WORLD ….

We will take our power back !!












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