Welcome to your Free Awakening Classes !

This will take you on a magical journey. In 5 weeks you will see your life transforming into what your soul originally planned...


  • 1 video class a week for 5 weeks that you will be able to watch when you wish, with a mp3 to download for you to listen to it in your car or anywhere you desire.
  • Fun homework that will empower you and thanks to your practice, activate your full potential
  • 1 question and answer Live-call in a webinar ( you have to subscribe to the live webinars in order to get this option) for us to connect weekly and to answer any questions that will rise as you are transforming your life. Those Live calls will be recorded and you will be able to participate live or listen to it on demand.

Waking up, victim consciousness what is it ? How to step out of it procrastination, fear and our comfort zone ... How to in'joy a human life ( clearing curses, vows or I'motions and living your spiritual Life in a Human flesh)

On forgiveness and Self love ... Living an authentic life, recognizing the synchronicity and signs that are given to you.

Sword and shield, when are they helpful and when you do not need them anymore…. The power of being responsible, serving VS Assistance ( in this class we will take about the Human Attributes we have in an Astrological and Physical point of view, for example, how our Chakras are linked to the Mental, Emotions, Physical and Spiritual plane of Consciousness )

Truth, Empathy, the 4 agreements , the power of Oneness, how can we change our world with our beliefs and so the world around us.

Living your dream, where to find support, and to serve as you are experiencing an Abundant state of living, connection with your Guides, Teachers and Angels. Now is the time To manifest fully your Original Blue Print intentions ...

Homework includes, vision Boards, Books to read, Recipes, Meditations, Affirmations, Visualizations etc ... it is all about walking the talk ... Are you Ready ?