Be‘loved are you feeling It ? The Divine feminine is Here, in full effect, feeding every human cells, every human experience, it is opening hearts, rising energy, making you feel alive, sometime afraid, as the light is casting down your darkness.. Let is be , let it heal, let all the shadows come to light.

You can feel your sexual energy very activated, need of Love and creation, Huge Urging Desires, seeing colors more vividly, sensitive to sounds, light and touch, foods habits, anxiety, memories of past lives, vivid and lucid dreams are common too … It is Normal as the Kundalini is awakeninglet it be. Learn from it, the metamorphosis in on.

The good news for the light-workers is that the time on loneliness is finally over, We will all meet A partners to share our sacred space. our sacred gifts, it is all’ready happening …. Look around you, after a wave of “separation” (many relationship and couple have had to stop seeing each other for the last few years ) Now a wave of “UNION and ONENESS” is Upon Us …. And NOW is the TIME to ASK very CLEARLY for Whom you want to share your path with, where and how you want to live or what You Wish to Have in your life … be very Clear about it, very specific, You are being heard and you will receive What YOU desire … Ask for the Good of All anf Focus on that you Love. Come from gratitude certainly not from Lack, for energy attracts like energy. Thoughts are energy they have a vibration and that is what matters, literally .. in other words, Your vibration speaks louder than you words.

Here comes the Great time we came here for, Here comes The time where our fellow brothers and sisters will go on a collective dark night of the soul, and We need Support in OUR Life to be help’full to others, to be at service.So expect your relationship ( family, friends, lovers) to get nicer, expect support, love, understanding, expect the feeling of loneliness to vanish.

For the single Light bearers, In Order to meet the One that will share your dreams and hope, That One that will work with you , that will SEE YOU and Love all that you are YOU MUST LET GO of ANY RELATION SHIP that DO NOT SERVE YOUR HIGHEST GOOD, And if you do not, it is going to get harder and harder until You can no do noting BUT call it a day. You can not do people pleasing anymore, you can not put your Self aside, you can not give and not receive back the same amount of love, you will only make it harder on your self … Be Open to all the Love and abundance that is coming your way even when it manifest FIRST as a chaotic waves that destroys and cut off all futile ties …


ASK KNOWING YOU HAVE RECEIVED, every thoughts and word that you are proclaiming is a prayer, your intention is the trigger to its manifestation, The strength that you use is what makes it Possible, bad or good, those are your choices.

– Practice being Present, Listen to your self, speak with the highest positive words you can; Your attention must be balance with your words off course… If You speak positive all’day but have dark thoughts patterns, well you are only fooling yourself.

You can feel frustration, or any other lower vibration feelings of course yet as it appears see what it is telling you and you will rapidly transmute the energy. Every thought of separation is a call to enlightenment, grab your chance!  Talk about That You Love rather then feeding what you do not want . Worrying is Praying for what you fear. Giving Thanks creates more Joy, happiness and peace that you could ever dream off.

– Make a vision board for a start and read It every Morning and every night ,,, The key is to STOP thinkniing about it after you do , remember LACK creates MORE LACK

Listed below are 7 Easy Steps, for you to follow to create YOUR own Powerful Vision Board and start living your dreams, desires and goals now.

1. Choose a poster board or a cork board to use as a background, color size are all personal choice. These boards can be wallet size or wall size.

2. Take a few minutes to think about and decide what goal board you are creating, is it a general life style goal or a specific goal. Then, flip through magazine and tear out whatever pictures and words impress or inspire you.

3. Arrange the pictures and words on the board with photos of you and loved ones in and around the scenes. This concept is to show your subconscious mind a “snapshot” of your desire future to activate the Law of attraction.

a) If it’s a relationship goal, you could get a picture of a couple embracing and cut your face out and paste it on the body in the photo.
b) You can do this with physical goals, if you want to change the size of your body, if you want to lose or gain a few pounds, chose a picture of someone you would like to look like and put a picture of your face on that body.
c) The same idea applies to houses, cars and vacation destinations; paste photos of your self and loved ones, in the picture, as if you were there and taking photos as you naturally would.

4. Add a powerful statement or affirmations that this is already so. (eg: “This manifests now, for the highest good of all concerned, easily, happily, harmoniously, Thank you.”) Do you remember John Luke Pickard ( Actor- Patrick Stewart) from The Star Trek Series, saying to his crew “Make it so!” And they flew off through space to accomplish their mission.

5. Put a symbol of what ever spiritual source you believe in, to show you are partners in the creation of your life, with a higher spiritual source.

6. Place the Vision Board somewhere where you will see it often, and only allow supportive people to see it, especially in the early stages.

7. Celebrate by visualizing and affirming the pictures on the board are already in reality, to harness the law of attraction and draw to you Your Goals, now
Have fun, with this process and enjoy your results.

here is a good advice from Shakti Gawain Author of CREATIVE VISUALIZATION:

“I suggest that you have a regular creative visualization meditation period for fifteen minutes or so each morning when you wake up, and each evening before sleeping (these are the times when it is most effective), as well as the middle of the day if you can manage that. Always start your meditation periods with deep relaxation, then follow with any visualizations or affirmations you wish.

There are many different ways that creative visualization can be used, and it’s up to you to remember to try them at appropriate times. Conscious creative visualization may mean a new way of thinking and a new way of living. As such, it will take some practice.

Try it out in different situations and under different circumstances, and use it as often as you can for any type of problem-solving. If you find yourself worried or puzzled about anything, or feeling discouraged or frustrated about a problem, ask yourself if there is a way you could use creative visualization to help you. Form a creative habit of using it at every appropriate moment.

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t immediately feel totally successful with your creative visualization. Remember that most of us have years of negative thought patterns to overcome. It takes time to change some of these lifelong habits. And many of us have some underlying feelings and attitudes that can slow us down in our efforts to live more consciously.

Fortunately, creative visualization is such an innately powerful process that even five minutes of conscious, positive meditation can balance out hours, days, even years of negative patterns.

The Creative Visualization Workbook by Shakti Gawain

So be patient. It has taken a lifetime to create your world the way it is now. It may not necessarily change instantly (although it often does). With perseverance and a proper understanding of the process, you will succeed in creating what seem like many miracles in your life.

Two things I have found most important in my growth process with creative visualization are:

1. Regular reading of inspiring and supportive books that help to keep me in touch with my highest ideals and aspirations and/or that can give me encouragement through difficult times. I usually keep a book by my bed and read a page or two each day.

2. Having a friend or (ideally) a community of friends who are also tuned into learning to live more consciously and who will support you and help you in your efforts. Attending regular or occasional consciousness classes or workshops, support groups or therapy, can be an important way of getting this type of support, and giving it to others as well.

In my book, creative visualisation, I give you many different techniques, ideas, exercises, and meditations. Choose the ones that feel right to you and seem to work for you. There are many different levels and approaches to the creative visualization process, and I have tried to include a wide variety of possible practices. In any given situation, one may be appropriate and another may not. Follow the flow of your own energy, and use the ones that you feel drawn to.

For example, in a certain situation you may try to do affirmations and find that you simply can’t repeat them, or you don’t feel they are accomplishing anything. In that case you might want to try a clearing process, or get in touch with your inner guidance and ask for clarification, or just let go for a while and focus on other things.

What works at one time may not at another; what works for one person may not for another. Always trust yourself and your own deepest intuitive feelings.

If it feels like you are forcing, pushing, exerting effort, or straining, don’t do it.

If it feels helpful, releasing, opening, strengthening, enlivening, inspiring, do it.”

And next to It be’loved Just Know that you are being supported right now, Know that Your prayers are power’full and that they are affecting your life and the life of all of those that you are praying for, or cursing by the way, because when you think of someone “wrongly” you “curse” them,you feed the wrong wolf, be responsible for your thoughts !

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Here is a short video that will explain a bit more, but be aware as it was raining iam talking real loud !

Live Love laugh, Give thanks and shine on !