INTUITIVE GUIDANCE - $125 for 60 mn

Intuitive guidance about past and future event in your reality, Romantic, Health and Work issues.This is a great way to have some clear answers about your Personal life, Goal and dreams. I will help you getting your life on the track that is right for you and see where Your choices make the difference. If necessary I will suggest you books, easy exercises and tools or a 21 days of transmutation of energy.

All skype sessions last 60 minutes, for the value of $125. 

The session can sometime last a little longer plus it does moves things deeply so you can be tired or very hype after our session together depending on what needed to be clarified so again make sure you got some "Me time" available.


This is a very power'full work, not to be taking lightly I type into the Akashic record and see if you have any blockages, pacts, vows, entities or anything that blocks you from manifesting life effectively ... You will then receive a proclamation to repeat daily for 21 days, as it is the time it takes for the memory cells to be reprogrammed. As you are doing your work I will do a clearing on my side for you. Click Here for Q&A related to this topic

(Make sur to give me your D.O.B , Place and TIME and full name with your payment).

HUMAN DESIGN 90 mn on Skype - $190 (+ 5% Tax Paypal)

Imagine being given a “user manual” for your life.

How would this user manual help you? The manual would guide you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are. Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment's influence and conditioning. The manual reveals how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life.

This is what the Human Design System has to offer. Simply put, if you want to

Discover how to Improve the quality of your life in a simple yet immensely effective way
Make the right moment-to-moment decisions, resulting in improved relationships and career choices
Manage the challenges that are part of daily life without getting overwhelmed

You have the innate ability to make choices that are in alignment with your authentic nature, and based in your personal Authority; this knowledge will empower you to live a fulfilling life in your unique way.

Human Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth. If you suffer from a lack of self-love or clarity about your purpose and the direction of your life, this system can help.

When you come to Human Design as an adult, it has the potential to awaken your innate wisdom and power. Your process of awakening to your true self requires two things: Education and Experimentation. For an adult, the road back to living life as yourself can be challenging: overcoming lifelong habits and the power of conditioning takes commitment, courage, and determination.

You need to experiment with your Design and find what is right for you. To be what you are not—to live the conditioning—leads to dis-ease as you continually confront energies you are not genetically equipped to handle. Human Design is a tool that can help you understand how your body and mind are meant to run properly, and how to align with others who can support your process.

The reward that comes from living out your authentic nature is worth the time spent learning about your Design and the energy of committing to your process. The insights gained through understanding your chart offer a completely new perspective about yourself and your interaction with others. Moreover, the insights you gain help to protect you from being a victim of conditioning and the inner turmoil brought on by the mind.

Learning how to operate in alignment with your individual needs and making correct choices leads to improved health and well-being, better relationships, and fulfillment in your professional life. This lessens, or even eliminates, the fears and stresses that are part of everyday life.


This session can be recorded if you desire on Skype. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Thank you to communicate me your private informations via mail, on, after you have made your payment (Date, Time and Place of  birth + Full Name)


This Akashic tool is fascinating, you will find where the First birth of your soul Originated from, all about Your energy centers and their attributes, it is a power’full way to understand who you are and how you function. It is clear, practical and make so much sense…. We should all have this done at birth !

(Make sur to give me your D.O.B and full name with your payment)

Once the payment received, you will receive your tools ordered by email in pdf format between 48/72H.

Again, One must be dedicated in His/her personal Self work on One Self and Ego (light and shadows bodies) to integrate Oneness. We are all Response-able beings.

There is only what Is and Love heals.

I only work with people that Are ready to Leap, or that have all ready done some work on them Self, How little this may seams to them. Iam offering free awakening classes here for this purpose. I give a lot of advises and I will make sure when we are done one is in tune with his/her full potential To Manifest His/her Call with Love for All.

Much love, guidance and protection your way.

- Ju'light