Be’loved Family ,

Can you feel your heart lifting, can you feel your head clearer, can you feel your fear slowly disappearing ?

We are here to assist you and it is with great pleasure that we are now going to make ourselves even more available to you, you have worked on your self so diligently, you have allowed the deep process of integration on so many level, you can be proud of Yourself, It is not over yet, you will again receive other clearing wave, until your body, mind and soul are fully tuned in congruence to your blue prints… It is not easy we know, but we know as well that you have the will to go though such an important aspect of your awakening, you came here for that reason, and to be at service, in order to do so you need to be fully healed… As long as you will keep on feeding your past habits you will not be able to integrate fully the light that you need in order to ascend … Be’loved you have done so much, now is not the time to give up, that is why you must keep on, no matter the cost, no matter the things you think you are loosing, for indeed you are in fact preparing your self for the next step of your evolution as One … Do not be trigger by your dying society, there is nothing to cry for, in fact, re’joyce be’loved for now is the birth of heaven on earth … We are communicating through so many channels, so many light-workers have finally decided to do what they came here to do, we need as much of you, none are un’usefull, all of you are important .. Your decision to heal your self is the most important decision you have ever taken, it is going to heal Your world …. Allow this month energy to immerse you in love , for LOVE is the key, Love is what the world needs right now, and it is only after you will have cleared your patterns that you will really understand what LOVES IS … See it in all things, put it in all things, infuse it in your words, speak it, sing it ,dance it , walk it … Become it …. and know that we are near, so much than  you could ever think. Keep on !! shine on !! be all that you are …. surround yourself with like minded soul, do not wait for others to give you the green light .. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU MUST DO, so DO IT

We are here By your side, we are so proud of you, we are so happy you are remembering Your Divine selves…

We are your brothers and Sisters in the light … We see. Love and Honor you. Call upon Us. You do not need to Know Our Name, for We are LIGHT in Motion, feel us, recognize our presence and lets US how you the way throught our intuitive insight.

We are The Rainbow Federation of light, You will see and feel Us even more.

So it is