How to book an appointment

To schedule a spiritual Guidance appointment with Ju'light over *Skype please follow the link below.

Skype appointments must be prepaid.

Once purchase is completed, you will be emailed to set up a date and time for your appointment.

The sessions can be recorded and send to you via mail if you wish too yet feel free to recorded it on your side. (This matter will be brought up at the beginning of your session)


Appointment for 125us$ (+5% Paypal Tax)


Makes sure you have enough time ahead of you and that you are in a quiet room..

In reasons of abundant requests, please schedule two to three weeks minimum to have an appointment. For more information about Ju'light services in general, please see the Testimonials. Or contact our team at



the fields mark with an (*) are obligatory

Make sure you have enough time in front of you and choose a quiet place. The guidance is recorded, you will receive its mp3 at the end of it. You can, however, record it on your side, at your convenience.

En raison du grand nombre de demandes, il est possible de devoir attendre au moins un mois pour un rendez-vous.


A confirmation email will be sent to you, on the email used with paypal, to indicate the date and time of the appointment (check your Spam!)

if You want to ask me any questions about your appointment, do not hesitate to contact me by email at


You can choose the day and time of your appointment after making your payment on paypal (choose your time zone at the top right then click on the days to see availability)




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